Fine Tune

Your piano will require a regular fine tune to remain in optimum playing condition. It is recommended that your piano is tuned at intervals of between 3 and 12 months, dependant on frequency of use and environmental conditions.
If you've ever looked inside your piano you will appreciate the complexity of its design, each component moving and responding to the next, the precise positioning of these components is critical to the performance of your piano and as such require occasional adjustment in a process of regulation. The soundboard - which is under tension and slightly crowned - responds to changes in humidity and these changes cause the soundboard crown to expand and contract, which results in a change in the length of the strings. This change will mean your piano gradually goes out of tune, regardless of the frequency with which it is played.
It is important that your piano recieves regular tuning and care. During a tuning I will not only be tuning the piano, but also checking the action and general condition of your piano to ensure that any repairs or adjustments are carried out.
When tuning I will often make small adjustments to the regulation of your piano at no extra charge, keeping your piano playing as it should.

Pitch Raise

If your instrument has not recieved the attention of a professional piano tuner for some time, it is likely to require a more intensive preliminary tuning to raise the pitch to British Standard Pitch. This essentially involves two procedures, the first is to bring the piano up to British Standard Pitch and to level out inconsistencies in the tuning. Once this has been done it can be brought in to a stable state of fine tuning.


During the life of a piano many of its moving components can become worn and require replacement. Thankfully due to the design of the piano, the vast majority of parts can be replaced correctly by a competent technician. I would be happy to quote you for any work of this nature.

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Upright piano fine tuning from £75.


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